• There is no other AI recruitment system like Hired1st globally. Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment is here.

  • Hired1st is a leading edge technology specially designed for recruitment.

  • Hired1st is a sophisticated, easy-to-use recruitment tool designed to think like a recruiter.

Powered with over 21 years of valuable recruitment data, Hired1st works and thinks like a recruiter – only so much faster.

Hired1st’s world-leading Recruitment AI capability will:

  • Identify the best candidates for every job
  • Locate similar candidates for unbiased comparison
  • Find the best suited jobs for every candidate

Hired1st is a unique tool, powered with artificial intelligence to read and understand CVs just like human recruiters do.

Using data trends and select criteria, it provides advanced results taking your recruitment performance to the next level.


Learning Matching Criteria

Hired1st gives you the flexibility to determine the exact benchmarks for every job you are recruiting, giving you full control of your selection criteria.

Based on the criteria you provide, Hired1st transparently ranks the candidates in order of relevance; giving you an unbiased list to select from.

Artificial Intelligence is about continuous, programmable learning. Over time, Hired1st will learn your preferences and matching criteria.

Holistic Candidate Profile Matching

Most databases will let you search using keywords – Hired1st offers so much more than that.

Hired1st operates based on holistic candidate profile matching, accounting for skills, job titles, years of experience, and relevant industry experience.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Hired1st will read through the entire CV and understand each aspect, giving you an in-depth analysis which considers context and time values. It will provide you with a CV summary, as well as a weighted score per candidate based on the job profile and criteria.


False Match Elimination

Hired1st ensures that search results are accurate and clear-cut; leaving out irrelevant data and eliminating over 90% of false matches.

Data driven Recruitment

With over 21 years of valuable recruitment data, Hired1st holds much more information than any human recruiter can.

It analyses data based on the job, industry, and location to determine the best candidate profile, providing a weighted score. This enables the users access to rich data for any specific role, allowing them to make data driven recruitment decisions.


Transparency on Matching

Hired1st delivers the transparency matching, providing an in-depth and evidence based score displayed on individual candidate dashboards.

It provides a scored analysis of each candidate against a specific job; followed by a detailed breakdown, highlighting each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

The user is given full access and control to shape weightings as necessary for each job.

Career Path Recognition

Just like any good recruiter, Hired1st looks at historical data and is able to identify candidates whose career paths align with a specific job. Its AI engine has the capacity to recognize qualifications and experience for roles; intelligently understanding where and when candidates may have deviated from a straightforward career path.

Hired1st has the ability to not only identify talent; it also recognises career paths and the directions candidates may have taken. Where a candidate is over qualified for a role, Hired1st will identify the regression and alert the recruiter.


Multi Directional Matching

Powered with the unique ability to match according to any criteria you need, Hired1st can match candidate CVs not just to jobs, but also to similar candidates.

This capability enables you to actively build specilist talent pools to tap into for future use, ultimately reducing your reliance on reactive advertising.

True absolute Scoring

Unlike other recruitment tools, Hired1st uses a true absolute scoring algorithm, which means that recruiters get complete transparency on matching.


Unlimited Data Capacity

Hired1st is hosted on a global cloud based network, giving you unlimited capacity.

Hired1st is so easy to deploy.

Hired1st is a standalone cloud based SaaS solution, without any specific intergration requirements. It takes mere minutes to set up.

It can be integrated with your existing systems, giving you the benefit of immediately impacting your business without any upfront costs.


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How is Hired1st deployed?


If you are a business with a client base and wish to earn additional revenue. Every company has to hire as some point, and Hired1st can be a good door opener for larger opportunities within your business. Hired1st offers reseller arrangements which offers great financial returns.

We have various models ranging from referrals, through to Gold label arrangements where we support your sales team. Hired1st can be rebranded and sold under existing brands or kept as separate branding.

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Tech Partnerships

If you have an app already, and can see value in having a recruitment solution attached. We are open to partnership arrangements. This would require rebranding of Hired1st and provide revenue share arrangements.

Our AI matching tool is unique that provides excellent matching results Adding a simple recruitment solution to your existing platform could be a gamechanger and provide excellent growth opportunities.

At Hired1st we specialize in Search and match of candidates, and we are looking for partnerships in other areas.

We see opportunities with existing HR platforms, Job Boards.

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Industry Specialization Partnerships

Our strategy is to partner with specialists in their industry and provide a on-line recruitment tool industry specific that will;

  • Hold industry specific talent pools
  • AI Recruitment
  • Online Ordering
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