Our objective is to help companies and recruiters find the best talent faster.

Hired1st can save over 30% of recruiters time when hiring. Enables personalised talent pools to automatically source candidates;

  • Automatically ranks candidates against job
  • Dashboard analysis for each CV received
  • Talent pool which automatically matches candidates for future jobs
  • Continual learning of best candidate profile for job

Automates parsing & reading CV’s

Ranks candidates in seconds

Connect to your candidate database or use the Hired1st candidate Database


  • Flexibility to source candidates from anywhere

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  • Automatically reads CV's

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  • Using intelligent analysis, Hired1st can rank the top candidates according to job suitability

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  • Candidate database

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  • Candidate communication tools

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  • Simple to Use, no integration required

  • Sophisticated to deliver talent

  • Affordable to deliver results

Hired1st gives you the flexibility to manage multiple jobs and source candidates from anywhere

  • Post multiple jobs simultaneously

  • Give candidates a simple user experience, allowing them to conveniently apply via advertisements on job boards or social media platforms

  • Source candidates from Internal Employees, Contractors, Temporary Labour, and External applications


Using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, Hired1st automatically reads through CVs.

  • Reads CV’s in any format

  • Summarizes the CV based on skills, experiences, job titles, and industry types

  • Builds an analysis of key components of CV

  • Recommends a profile or shortlist for the job

Hired1st is:

  • Artificial Intelligence which reads, understands and summarizes CV’s like a recruiter

  • Easy to read visual dashboards showing skills and experience

  • Ai technology continual learning to recommend profiles for job based on >20 years recruitment experience.

Using intelligent analysis, Hired1st can rank the top candidates according to job suitability

  • Provides a chronological list of candidates, scored according to job suitability.
    - Weighted scoring
    - Analysis of skills and experience

  • Allows recruiters to change the criteria of any job, helping them identify candidates faster.

Hired1st is:

  • Clear visibility of candidates’ strengths and competencies

  • Flexibility to change criteria and weighting of ratings and scores

  • Easy access to both Orginal CV and Summary

candidate database

Hired1st enhances your database, making it more valuable and relevant.

  • Keep CVs in your own candidate or central global database

  • Group and shortlist candidates for interview

  • Save preferred search criteria and job descriptions for future use

  • Automatically sends emails to unsuccessful candidates

  • Record interview notes

Get value out your database.

  • Build Talent Pools

  • Reduce advertising spend

  • Reduce recruitment fees

Job analytics

Hired1st gives you access to real time analytics

  • Applications received

  • Summary of suitable candidates

  • Shows recruiter % of quality applicants


Internal Recruitment Teams

Hired1st provides Internal Recruitment Teams with the most sophisticated talent matching system. It is fast and easy to use; empowering you to find internal and external talent, build specialist talent pools, and make data driven recruitment decisions.

Hiring Managers

Hired1st is an effective recruitment solution with a simple and responsive interface, making it easy for anyone to use. The app eliminates the need to read multiple CVs; instead, allowing you to focus on the top candidates.

It is a standalone candidate management system that provides you with a relevant talent pool that you can tap into for future jobs.

Recruitment Companies

Hired1st can integrate with your existing candidate management systems, instantly relieving your consultants of the tiresome manual candidate screening process.

Eliminate your reliance on reactive advertising, and create your own customised talent pools.

Increase your speed to market by giving your recruiters the opportunity to connect with the best candidates as soon as a job comes on.

“Hired1st has helped us to successfully differentiate ourselves from other Job Boards. The power of the data analytics engine and the AI feature in Hired1st, has allowed ConnectCareers to offer a rich and value-packed service to our prospective clients.

This provides efficiencies as well as cost effectiveness to any business that has a need to manage large talent pools. Hired1st is easy to use and has greatly assisted in the management of candidate data with a seamless means of quickly identifying those applicants which are most suited to advertised roles.”

Anthony McCabe, CEO of ConnectCareer

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Hired1st offers reseller arrangements, providing you with the opportunity for great financial returns.

We have a variety of reseller models ranging from referrals to Gold label arrangements, where we work to provide your teams with dedicated support.

For more information, contact us

Tech Partnerships

We are looking to partner with tech start-ups specialising in HR platforms or Job Boards.

If you have an existing app and are looking to attach a recruitment solution to it, then look no futher.

Hired1st is an app that specialises in the Search and Match of Candidates, uniquely providing excellent matching results.

For more information, contact us

Industry Specialization Partnerships

We are looking to form startegic partnerships with a variety of industry specialists, with a view to provide an online recruitment tool that will:

  • Hold industry specific talent pools
  • Utilise AI recruitment
  • Support online ordering
For more information, contact us


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